Less than two years after our IPO on the São Paulo Stock Exchange, we ended a cycle in which we operated only as a Grupo SBF, and entered a new cycle by building something bigger: the ecosystem called Grupo SBF. We took concrete steps towards the development of our sport ecosystem with the acquisition of Fisia, operating Nike in Brazil and with the acquisition of NWB. Our dream is to build the biggest and best sports ecosystem in the world, starting with Brazil.

The largest sporting goods retailer in Latin America, Centauro has been present in the retail market since 1981 with currently 224 stores distributed throughout Brazil and operating through an omnichannel platform with integrated operations in all channels - physical stores, website ( desktop and mobile) and mobile application. In 2019, Centauro's total net revenue was BRL 2.5 billion – BRL 2.1 billion from stores and BRL 440 million from the digital platform.

Nike's exclusive representative and distributor in Brazil, the largest sports brand in the world. Since December 2020, we have been the exclusive distributor of NIKE products, including apparel, footwear, accessories and equipment, in the Brazilian territory, exclusive direct operator of the DTC channel (www.nike.com.br) and exclusive retailer of NIKE brick-and-mortar stores. In 2020, Fisia reached R$ 2.4 billion in gross revenue.

The largest digital sports channel network in Brazil, NWB has over 73 million subscribers on YouTube and 81 million followers on Instagram. Owner of channels Desimpedidos, Fatality, Falcão 12, Accelerados, Desimpegames, Camisa 21, Passa a Bola and more than 100 affiliate channels.