Where are Grupo SBF S.A.’s shares traded?

The shares are registered for trading at B3 under the code “CNTO3”, on the Novo Mercado segment, which offers the highest standards of corporate governance practices.


Where can I get shareholders services?

Banco Bradesco is the bookkeeping agent for the Company’s shares. Shareholder services are by the Shares and Custody Department of Banco Bradesco’s branches nationwide. More information is available at www.bradescocustodia.com.br (Tel: (0xx11) 3684-4522, fax (0xx11) 3684-5645 e-mail:bradescocustodia@bradesco.com.br).


How can I contact the Investor Relations Department?

Grupo SBF S.A.

Av. Dra. Ruth Cardoso, 7221, Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP, Brasil
CEP: 05425-070

E-mail: ri@gruposbf.com.br  //  ri@centauro.com.br

José Luís Magalhães Salazar – Investor Relations Officer